“Your talent can only take you so far, if you are a horrible individual no one is going to want to work with you anyway.” - Moe Taylor

It is a pleasure and honor to have my son’s best coach in today’s episode to talk to us about how leadership is very palpable even in the basketball field.

Moe Taylor or Coach Moe is the Program Director at Prodigy Basketball Community for more than 12 years now who strives to help young boys and girls to become better players, students, and members of society.

In this episode we talked about his history, handling A+ players, sizing up someone’s potential and so much more.

Even if you are not a basketball coach, I assure you that this is going to be an episode filled with great nuggets.

Check Moe and his company at www.prodigybasketball.com


Show notes:

 [0:00] Intro

[1:23] Who is Moe Taylor and how he became a basketball coach?

[3:29] On developing listening skills and his passion for coaching?

[5:48] On continuously getting coached

[7:12] The fine line between pushing too far and just enough

[8:55] An athlete’s character

[10:31] Dealing with a team with an outlier

[12:6] Mindset is very important and do not be complacent

[15:19] Coaching on off-days and leveraging on your emotions

{19:56] How much of other’s opinion should matter?

[22:16] The three things that Moe lives by as a coach

[27:0] Sizing up someone’s potential

[30:56] The importance of making a choice and not overthinking

[34:41] Moe’s perspective on gratefulness

[40:24] How to get in touch with Moe and his outreach program

[42:36] Final thought

[43:47] Outro

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