Have you ever made a bad decision based on the short-term wins that resulted in losing long-term opportunities?

I had a similar experience recently that almost resulted in a loss, but made a turn for the better because of a good managerial decision.

It all boils down to clarity.

What is your lack of clarity really costing you?


[0:00] Intro

[0:40] Storytime: shopping for golf clubs

[5:0] When things started to get bad

[7:16] A fortunate turn of events: the manager making the right decision

[8:34] The result of a good managerial decision

[9:36] What makes a good leader?

[10:12] Another story about someone not being upfront and transparent

[12:27] Being too focused on the short-term objective and losing sight of the long-term vision

[13:29] My challenge to my listeners

[14:10] Outro

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