If you are working in an organization that values a culture of sharing information and collective learning — cherish it and use it to your advantage. Get as much as you can from this culture and share as much as you can as well.

As a leader, there are things that you do that create silos unintentionally. This episode is a challenge for you to take a look at your organization and see where there are silos. Ask yourself what might have caused these and figure out ways to pull back the curtain.


[0:00] Intro

[0:23] Here’s a cool story about a culture of sharing

[4:24] If there are organizations that are successful, there are also others that struggle with breaking the silos

[6:22] Leaders do things unintentionally that keeps silos up

[8:04] How easy or hard is it for your members to reach out to other teams in the organization?

[9:13] Communicate your expectations, reinforce and reward

[10:38] Take down the silos in your organization

[11:19] Outro

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