Today’s topic is something that’s very critical for leaders to understand.

I’ve seen different versions of this happening, but ultimately it starts with exactly the same thing --- not getting the most from your top members.

In order for A-players to stay in your organization, they need three things: have the opportunity to grow, feel that they’re making an impact, and feel valued and recognized.

If your top players do better, it will create a huge impact because they will raise the bar and set the pace for your entire organization. It will cause a ripple effect for the other team members to emulate.


[0:00] Intro

[0:46] What do you do with the talents you hire?

[1:40] What made me talk about this today?

[4:16] The problems with this scenario

[7:36] Two things that can possibly happen

[8:49] Too many rules or parameters that leaders give their talents

[9:56] Leaders don’t empower their A-players enough

[12:43] Outro

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