“What we measure we tend to do really well with.”

I have a very special guest today! He is an actor, businessman, retired professional bodybuilder, and former politician, and my childhood hero. Make sure to tune in to hear what he thinks about visibility and clarity.

On a serious note, I wanted to bring this topic to light because it’s an occurrence I’ve seen in some leaders and organizations. They don’t show or make visible performance results or numbers in fear that their people won’t appreciate it. Guess what? Those who don’t want their numbers shown are the same people who aren’t productive or who aren’t doing well. As a leader, if you have this mindset, you’re missing the boat on an opportunity to challenge your team and allow your people to grow.


[0:00] Intro

[1:14] I have a very special guest who came into the studio

[2:04] What my special guest thinks about visibility as a performance enhancer

[4:20] What is visibility?

[6:15] Here’s another great example

[10:03] Realizations

[12:11] Leaders, do your people know what success looks like?

[13:43] When you make things visible, your people are going to perform so much better

[15:46] Episode wrap up

[16:33] Outro

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