What does being a soccer team captain and goalie during a penalty kick have to do with today’s episode? A LOT!

This game reminded me of a leader’s role in setting the organization’s culture to do what it takes for the team to succeed with or without acknowledgment.

If you are looking for people to promote in your organization, look for someone who is similar to this team’s captain. He shared a piece of information that gave someone else the boost of confidence to make the team win.


[0:00] Intro

[0:23] An awesome story behind this podcast episode

[6:04] What my friend’s captain told him that gave him the confidence?

[7:32] What does this story have to do with leadership?

[8:28] How I used to struggle with a certain level of competitiveness

[9:25] Key takeaways

[10:58] As a leader, when was the last time you told your team about your expectations when it comes to teamwork?

[12:10] A leader’s most important job is…

[13:46] Episode wrap up

[14:26] Outro

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