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Public Speaker & Business Coach

For 20+ years, John Laurito, CFP, ChFC, CRPC, has been leading organizations in the financial services industry. John has developed a reputation as a turnaround expert with 4 successful and dramatic transformations of organizations. These included leading the 100th ranked (out of 110) Ameriprise office in Hartford, CT to #1 in the country and taking the Boston agency of Penn Mutual from last in national ranking to winning the prestigious President's Award twice and Excellence Award three times. He currently speaks on stages worldwide on the topic of leadership and is the host of Tomorrow’s Leader podcast.

John Laurito - My Story

I’ve always been fascinated with leadership. Why do some people seem to have the ability to gain tight loyalty and “buy in” to their vision while others struggle to do so? Why can some people go into a failing organization and turn it around and others would sink the ship? Why is it that certain leaders bring out the very best in you and help you get to new heights and others fall short? I’ve spent a quarter century trying to answer these and many other questions. Having personally worked with every type of leader imaginable, I have discovered the blueprint that makes the very best who they are. It doesn’t matter the personality type, the intellect, the background or the appearance, what it comes down to is how they think, what they say, and what they do. My mission and my passion is to share the formula that creates legendary leadership.

"John is a gifted speaker and leader who has the rare combination of valuable content based on proven results, along with a delivery style that engages, entertains, and leads to actionable results."

Peter Velardi, CEO, Velardi Group


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